November 24, 2013
Who am I and what do I do?

I make things pretty.

Literally and figuratively. I make them polished and stylish. I make them funny, I make them clear. I take ideas and strip them of the clothes they usually wear and dress them up in new ways that make them breeze right past the bouncer and the velvet rope and right into people’s minds. I put your personality on the page or the screen, the personality you always knew you had but didn’t know how to explain to anybody. Suddenly, there I am explaining it for you, using the perfect words, images and icons. I’m the relief of finally finding that right word, the right voice, the right approach. It seems so easy and obvious when I do it, and you wonder why you didn’t see it yourself, but that’s what I do. I listen, I soak up, I mirror back. I understand the concept of character intuitively, whether it be the characters that make up your show or those that make up your company. I realize that communication happens with more than just words – it also happens non-verbally, through iconography and placement, through gesture and inflection. I realize that communication is the key to everything. I see a direction it could all take, how it could be more polished, or friendly, or intriguing or fun. I play in color and texture and type. I don’t need spell check. I make you look good.

Where have I done these things?
As a stand-up comic, in L.A. and eventually on the road nationally, for about 8 years.
As a screenwriter for television animation, for over a decade.
As a graphic designer, since 2001.
As a designer/builder of WordPress websites, since 2006 or so.
As a DIY enthusiast who keeps coming up with projects.
Wanna see examples?
Here are some web sites I've designed and built.
Here are some web ads I've designed.
Here are some t-shirts I've designed (and that are for sale!)
Most of these are available at my portfolio at redbubble.com.
Wanna see real life things I make (and sell)?
I transfer vintage photos to canvases to make unique, affordable, easily hangable art.
See it here on Etsy.
I also like big creative jobs, just because...
Wanna get in touch?
Send me an email at tracy@tracyberna.com.

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